Forget Not My Mother

It is unlike me, or not me to forget my mother at church! It was Good Friday mass, and I dropped her off at St. Anthony's. I remembered that it was one of those long masses, the receptionist even told me it's 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
I went home, sat down at my computer and glanced at the clock. I told myself I have one hour. Even if she gets out early, I rather be the one waiting for her, and not her waiting for me. She does not like to be waiting!!!

I became engrossed in what I was doing, naturally some blogging, some surfing, reading...etc. Time to myself is so hard to get! Even as a WAHM now, I don't know where my time go? Running errands, pick-ups and drop offs, doctor appts, and just keeping up with meals and dishes. I crave for peaceful time to MYSELF.

All of a sudden, I heard: "you're dead!" from my significant other, standing at the door to my little office. I, of course was still in a trance and couldn't make out if what I heard was right! Again he said: "you're really dead!" what was he referring to? Usually on Friday nights besides our little princess, and me catching up on bills and paperwork, there isn'! "...your mom at church!" he added. I immediately jumped from my seat! Holy ---! I looked at the clock on my computer, it was 2 1/2 hours after, meaning, I was already 1 1/2 hour later than the time I planned to pick her up!

I quickly grabbed my bag, ran to my car with fear, fear about facing her and fear about what could have happened to her all this time. Then I had a terrible thought - "what if I just not go, I don't want to have to face the music from my mother when I know she will be extremely mad!"

I could go into all the details of what went through my head at that moment, but, it's getting long, and I want to get to the punch line!
After circling the church parking lot several times, I was really in panic now not to see a soul around, it was dark and cold.
When I was about to give up, I said - one more time, let's drive around one more time. I was ecstatic to see people from afar. Thankful to have found my frail mother. All my worries, and fears vanished, because at that moment, I realized locating her and knowing she is safe was so much more important to me than I even realized. And the fear of being yelled at was so minute compared to the joy of having found her.

The woman that stood with her in the cold, dark night - had a heart of gold! I hugged her and thank her, I could have kissed her for being there with my mom.

No - it's not me to have forgotten my dear mother.

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  1. Gorgeous flowers for the mosaic!

    You should set an alarm when you're blogging, and your story pulls my heart-strings to the max..Thanks for doing the job that no one can.

  2. I was on the edge of my seat reading this! So glad your mother was fine. I think we can all relate to similar experiences after getting caught up online - time just escapes from you!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

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  4. Your pink mosaics are so lovely...I've enjoyed them.
    But, the story of forgetting your made me laugh and feel how kind people can be when they see someone in your mom waiting out in the cold.
    Happy to hear that she was fine.

  5. Amazingly stunning photos of glorious PINK! I have not a clue how old you are but remembering 5 minutes ago is sometimes asking a lot in my world. :o) So glad that turned out well.

  6. Oh my goodness...I know how you must have felt and happy you were that she was there and not alone.

    I'm visiting for Mosaic Monday...hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Drop by when you have a moment...

    Stephanie ♥

  7. Yep! the best way to keep friends is to not loan them money, so I'm glad you are still lunch bud's. Was it like adopt a child where you got a photo of the relative and monthly letters? (I'm sorry! There goes my bad taste in humor!)

  8. Haha Icy, I know you're being serious. But I think it's sorta funny since I can't even admit I am really addicted.
    Hey Rebecca, thanks for reading my story, my memory is getting worst by the day.
    Thanks Gengen and Wenn for your visits. Lenore, it is just so wonderful when I am connected with good hearted and kind people. It is very inspiring.
    Grey Like Snuffle- Sometimes I think I am much younger than I am, but regrettably, my teenage son always reminds me that I am not.
    Queen of Dreams - Yes, I was happy like a finding precious gems.

  9. RYC: going to show my fruitloop side...I'm thinking the badge picture is the image that shows up when I comment on others sites???? If so...that is my FAVORITE yard art stuck in a big pot on my front porch with a Komino Cherry Tree in the background. Now if a badge picture is something will have to come back to me and set me straight. :o)

  10. I actually really loved reading this story, girlfriend! :)

    I know what you mean when your heart stops beating when you realize that your mother could be screaming at you in a few minutes! wahahahahahahahahahha! I am so scared of my mama!!!! ahahahahahah!!!

    On the other hand- I think your mother and I could really get along! I don't like waiting, either!!!

    I am so relieved to read how you found her safe and sound! Thank God!


    kisses to your mama! ;)

  11. Great story! It sure is easy to lose track of time while online. The pink flowers are gorgeous!

  12. Glad that your mother is alright.

    I love your mosaic. The pink flower is simply ... beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous pink.
    I'm glad Mom wasn't alone in the dark.

  14. Thank God your mom was all right, and bless that woman's heart for staying with her. Your pictures are gorgeous and confession heart felt. It is easy to lose track of time while on the computer. Who hasn't done that? Icy's right - a timer, but then when isn't she?

    :-) Take care & God bless.

  15. I'm glad your mom was alright, that was so nice of the lady to stay with her. I think we all have so much on our minds these days it is easy forget sometimes.

    Hope your mom wasn't too upset.

  16. C- my mom is getting cuter by the day and so are you! hehehe
    BK- thanks for visiting.
    Precious - I know, it was wicked - she could have spanked me!
    Judy - yes it was a confession, and one I am so glad I had.
    Squirrel Queen- yes - my mind is always loaded with stuff. Mom was upset, but now she is just making sure I don't ever forget again..that's mom...:-)


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