Website Hosting and Support Applications

Only if I knew then what I know now! Everyday, I am learning something new, better options and better choices. Today I learned the new options I now have for web hosting. Who would have guessed a year ago, the prices of web hosting could be down this significantly with much more superior features.

Beginner bloggers keep in mind the different choices for hosting your website, as well as different web applications to increase your site's traffic. We tend to take things for granted, and not realized the importance of some software applications, which support a great website. As such, there is the comment posting application. Without it, how would we learn about our readers, or create energy and interaction between the writer and his/ her readers?

Another web application to take note is the RSS Feed, which allows the readers to subscribe to your posts and articles. Some bloggers measure the success of their content by the number of subscribers they were able to reached. Others might not care, because they are writing for the love of writing!

Whatever the case, thank goodness for the available tools to help increase the chance of successful blogging.


  1. I love blogging/writing but am not very good with the technical side of things. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Judy, yep, eventually we all learn a bit more technically if we keep blogging. Web hosting and the support applications are the foundation of our blogs.


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