Gift of Time in Blue Dial

The best gift I love giving of all is a watch. Why? Because if it’s the watch the person wants, he or she will wear it everyday, and that makes me very happy! I know someone who is graduating and it’s a perfect timing.

He was looking at the Seiko Automatic Watches and I think it’s very appropriate for his age, since it is reasonable and reliable. He is going to need a good watch to tell time moving from class to class. He actually gave me hints that he would like the Seiko Men's Stainless Steel with the Automatic Blue Dial. I like it because it fits my budget and would make a wonderful graduation gift! I am glad he chose Seiko as it is a brand known for durability as well as reliability, it is a smart choice.


  1. Amanda, and every time he looks at it he will think of you. :-)

  2. He will be please that it's a watch that looks good, but doesn't cost a whole lot. For college students, it's really valuable.


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