Credit Card Benefits and Rewards

Credit card companies are very competitive and this is good for the consumer. Some reward you with points, while others reward you with cash back on the amount of money spent. Hopefully, you have chosen a certain type credit card because it worked for you.

Quite often credit card companies update their users’ benefits and, or create other variety of credit cards to suit certain type of spenders. It doesn't hurt to check from time to time, or you might miss out on the incentives that are truly beneficial. Additionally, compare for credit cards that have rewards you can actually make use of.

The definition of credit cards on Wikepedia includes "line of credit", which is the benefit that credit card companies grant to the card holder. In some cases, credit card companies make their money on the interest of this line of credit when the card holder does not pay within the 28 -30 day period.

While there are still many options for the card holder to choose from, awarding rewards is at the credit card companies' discretion. So figure out your main use for a credit card, then pick one that provides the maximum benefit for the type of products or services you use it for.


  1. Amanda, while they compete, we win. It's time the credit card companies started adding incentives.

    Thanks and God bless!


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