Ruby Tuesday Homemade Hearts

Valentine had passed, but there isn't a better time to feature these red Homemade Hearts like today. I also wanted to show you how easily you can create these decorative hearts for less than $20.00. All materials were bought from Micheal's Craft Store and Dollar Tree.

1) Heart frames choose the size you want, shown below are 12 inch frames.
2) Red rose petals, I used two boxes.
3) Red neck feathery scarf.
4) Red sparkly heart
six ornaments.
5) Hot glue - as needed

The heart below was made by attaching the rose petals to the frame with hot glue. Be generous with the amount of rose petals you glue on. Make sure you cover all the areas of the heart frame and pay more attention around the edges, I used two boxes for this 12 inch frame. To achieve a natural look, let some petals hang over the edge a bit.

For this feathery heart, I wrapped the scarf once following the frame. I cut off what ever was left over and start filling in the empty spaces. Then I placed the ornament hearts on top of the feathers with some hot glue, and came up with a couple of beautiful heart decorations.

Here they are together with a red rose bunch.

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  1. lovely and more so because it is is never late to feature such wonderful heart frames.

    eng of salitype society!

  2. Are those red feathers??? I don't think I have ever come across feathers dyed red before!!! The contrast is startling--> the contrast between the softness of the feathers and the boldness of red--> startling and inspiring :) You should get these ones! Did you get the red feathers ones?? :)

  3. Your red hearts are all lovely and it is not difficult to create them, following your instructions. Beautiful work.

  4. Wow...they are all gorgeous looking hearts! Very creative!

  5. Fun project for anytime, marvelous images!

  6. Those are really pretty..Happy Ruby Tuesday

  7. You made beautiful hearts. I don't consider myself to be that crafty, but thank you for sharing how to make them.

    Thank you also for stopping at my blog, and linking up.

    Best wishes.

  8. You are so artistic and creative. It is so pretty!

  9. The heart will never go out of style. So pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Those are so pretty, thanks for sharing the instructions.

  11. Interesting Seo, if you were a doctor that would be an interesting gift to your patients. C- they are synthetic feathers and yes I got them- and made them! Fredamans - I tried to stay away from crafts, but hard since I have a toddler...I like creativity but don't like the miscellaneous it comes with.


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