Furniture Upgrade

Funny where life takes you sometimes, it could be something you never think of. Especially when you’re going through a phase that no one ever talks about, but you know they have had to experience it. Please read on and let me know if you ever had to go through this phase and how you've handled it.

Long story short, as the kids get older, their furniture need to change too. When my oldest son wanted adult furniture, we ended up having to swap his youth nightstands, with some wood nightstands. It didn’t stop there as his clothes are now a lot bigger and no longer fit in the little cabinets. We had discussed several options and went through some real decisions on different types of cabinets. Not only these cabinets needed to be sufficient for him at least few more years until college, but had to fit in his room. With all the things he had accumulated over the years, he needed some hideaway storage cabinets too!

I found it mind boggling to search for nightstands and cabinets that fit with our needs and reasonable and that we would be able to use later. Believe it or not it’s a big deal to us! Either we were too particular about the looks for we just found that furniture cost too much money for something temporary for a few years.


  1. My daughter went away to college, and moved half of her things, but there still the other half..I would love to have a really nice night stand for her room, one in which she can store her things too.

  2. I know what you mean about half the stuff Icy! I have that feeling most of my adult life. Yes. I love the look of these furniture Judy.


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