Friday Sticky Rice and African Violet

Torn so torn that I am. My two favorite things, gardening and cooking, so I decided to post both today. First I like to introduce my Sticky Rice dish made from sweet long grain rice, Chinese sausage, eggs, green onion, scallion, yellow onion and garnished with cilantro, and basil leaves. This dish is one of our Vietnamese traditions, quite easy to do, it just takes a lot of time to chop the ingredients. And if you know about Asian food, there is a lot of chopping and preparing for most any dish.

First cook the rice and set it aside, but make sure you season it well. Beat a couple of eggs and cook it like you're making rice papers, then slice them long way. The purpose is to make the cooked rice-paper-like-eggs as stringy as possible- it isn't necessary, but it will make the dish look more appealing. To prepare the sausage, slice one sausage in circles and the other one in oblong shapes, then mix the two together. In a medium heated pan, sate the sausage until it's transparent and glossy red. Season all the ingredients while it's still in the wok with soy sauce, or fish sauce, pepper, and a pinch of salt. Finally, serve with basil leaves and or cilantro. Sticky rice is good anytime of the day.

For my first Fertilizer Friday, below are three African Violet leaves propagation. It has been good to me! I used to not able to keep an African Violet happy or living for very long. What you see down below is an over-time trial and error with a lot of patience and perfecting. I now can propagate any African Violet leaf -provided they are healthy. In the first picture, you see three mother leaves, and a bunch of little baby leaves at the base of each. I usually divide the babies up even more, in this case, I could get at least three groups out of one leaf. If you are an experience African Violet grower you can see how the groups are already predetermined by the plants themselves, otherwise you need to click on the image and try to see if you can see the division. I am a beginner at propagation, but enjoy it immensely. It is very powerful and rewarding when things you've taken care of actually show how they benefit from your care. The nice full pot in the last picture has been given to my mommy. I gave it to her last Sunday when it has started some blooms, I hope the plant will flourish for her...before she kills it (unintentionally of course). More on that another time...

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  1. LOOK AT YOU GO!!!! favorite is sticky rice! I love it..and don't care if there is anything else in it...but boy girl....does this look yummy!!!
    and those violets...well lets say hat's off and in the air for you!!! awesome propagation post!!!
    thanks for linking in...I hope you join again soon! happy weekend!

  2. Amanda,

    This is not fair!!! You are making me hungry!!!

    That loks yummy!!

  3. This post reminds me of my husband's late grandmother. She had quite the green thumb in the African Violet world. She propagated them all the time and had them all over the house. She claimed her secret was a concoction she called Jungle Juice which was nothing more than cut up banana peels submerged in water. She'd keep it in a jar under the kitchen sink - it was black and disgusting looking, but she claimed it worked better than anything. She'd top the jar off with water and add new peels whenever she had them.


  4. Propagation always makes me feel like Mother Nature herself. Congrats on the violet babies.
    ... Connie

  5. Great job on the violets!
    Now I'm hungry...

  6. How wonderful is it? First, we get to feast our eyes with your yummy food, and then we get to play in the dirt :-)

    I love African violets too!

  7. I could never make rice, but about 2 years ago my 21 year old taught me how. Now, I love make rice. THANKS!!! for the recipe.


  8. I have to agree with the others, this is a fun post. Sticky rice and playing in the dirt are my favorites.
    The recipe sounds great, I'll give it a try.

  9. We make the rice the same way you do, except that I don't use fish sauce. I should follow what you did on seasoning the rice first. Chinese sausage is the best!

  10. My grandmother had all kinds of African violets. I never really tried to keep them. Yours look so healthy and nice. Good job!


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