Bath Body and Beauty

I have some girl friends that are into bath and body products. They are always trying something different, and that’s great, because I get all the stuff they already tried. For example, Sheila gave me some Molton Brown lavender soaps and the Kai Body lotion to try because she said it’s one of her favorites. So out goes the old and in comes the new.

The girls are most concern with how to make their hair more healthy and shiny. They have recently tried a product called Liquid Keratin and had me intrigue by their testament. I hear it every time we get together about how the Keratin Complex deep conditioner is fantastic for treating all hair types. The Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner is good for replenishing shine and nourishing the health of your hair.

My girls keep me updated every month on what they had discovered, whether it’s a conditioner, shampoo, soap or lotion, I can always count on them for great new tips on bath and body products.


  1. I am always like that too!! It's just that I'm more into body & bath which exclude hair care products. I love to try different extinguish brands and I must tell you, it's fun! :)

  2. I love girly things. So did you try it?

  3. Jon Jon- If you have long hair like mine, you would be very particular about hair products, since the cheap ones doesn't comb out tangles. Judy - I did try and have some to use for a long time. That's a benefit of having such fancy friends. Thanks ladies for stopping by.

  4. Can anyone tell me who makes the body/beauty products at Marks and Spencers?


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