Two Thousand Words

No, I am not going to bore you with two-thousand words. I am being a bit of a smart-Alec, but if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then the two pictures below combined are worth two-thousand words.

The people in these pictures were either so hot, or the water was just so inviting. Alright, I am already hearing voices saying “maybe it’s both”, and I would agree.
Next I am going to pick on the guy with half of his body in the water. In the first picture, he seemed to be holding something that looks like a dried up coconut turned into a cup. I can’t tell, but he looks as if he was going to drink the water too.

I am sitting here wondering if I could swim here like these folks, and honestly, I am not sure I could. Happy are those who can swim like no one is watching! Okay, the correct saying is “happy are those who can dance like no one is watching.” Just so you know that was my last smart-alec comment for this Thursday.

A brilliant thing that happened when I looked at these two photos was the smile it brought to my face, and I think that’s worth more than two thousand words to me right now!
I hope those pictures brought a smile to your faces as well, thanks for stopping by. Be sure to leave your name so I can visit you too!


  1. Excellent images. I prefer the tonality of the second.

  2. Fun post, and beautiful images!

  3. That looks like a fun place to visit and it is great for sepia. There really is a lot happening in the images, so the title sure fits!

  4. Some swimming hole you found there.
    Busy group of folks!

  5. Patti- haha. What perfect words to describe the atmosphere and location from what you can tell. :-) It is actually the waterfall's outlet - beaneath the waterfall. Please check to see more of the fall's pictures on scenic sunday.

  6. I'll try to remember scenic sunday....I participate in Shadow Shot Sunday. I'll try not to get confuzzled.


  7. beautiful sepia images. am also fond of sepia. it adds drama to a photograph. :)


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