Graystone Park

There is a reason why these benches are empty. It seemed rare that I ever see anyone sitting in them. Most park visitors are up and about chasing their kids, or strolling within this peaceful nature setting. It is here that I find peace and relaxation, even though my kind of relaxation isn’t quite the same as other people, keeping up with a two year old. We come to Graystone Park often because it suits both of us. She has an expansive play structure to release her energy, and I have a clean, huge park to gaze at.

These pictures are parts of one another. First of, it is amazing how much more beautiful something is once captured in a picture than looking at it in real life. Secondly, the subjects are even more beautiful when I separated them from one another. I guess when the objects are captured individually - you realized how truly beautiful each and every creation is.

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  1. you can find empty benches in parks here when it's too hot to sit outside, otherwise, the benches are always occupied. the park is beautiful.

  2. There's something so enchanting about parks, isn't there?? :)

    But lonely when it looks like this with the empty benches....

  3. Those are awesome bench, and inviting! Beautiful setting and great pictures.

  4. looks like great place to sit and ponder

  5. I loved strolling through the park and would have enjoyed resting on those benches. Most of the parks around here always has someone around.

  6. Just looking at your pictures of benches and trees is very calming. Wonderful park and images!

  7. Your park looks so peaceful & inviting. Would love to sit on the beach to ponder a bit, then take a leisurely stroll about the park.

    Thanks for coming by our blog. ~Debbie

  8. Luna - That would be the truth, the benches are always taken. Yet, in a this park, it's always empty...
    I was going to call this post: Lonely Benches, believe or not! :-) Then I thought perhaps no-one could see my point of view...but then C - nailed it with her comment- "the scene give off a lonely feel with the benches being empty."
    Yes, the unarguable fact is that this park has a peaceful, calming feeling- like Diane commented. Great to take a stroll on a lovely morning - as LV commented and basically lose yourself in the beauty of nature.
    ...thanks everyone for your Sagacity comments! ;-)


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