Become a Sagacity Shopper

Every time Christmas comes around, I get all excited to purchase unnecessary and extravagant gifts for my friends and family - especially my mom. I jump at the chance to try and keep her looking chic and trendy, but I usually get items for myself after the actual day of Christmas – sales galore!

Recently, I discovered a new way to shop online, though. Become has given me a new outlook on the way I shop. Usually, I look through Vogue and try to find something that caters to this season’s biggest fad. Before Become, I had to sit there and meticulously search each store to see if they even carried that item. Now, with Become, I can find every item of that style in all the brands that currently have it.

My mom has a fascination with boots. As I noticed the thigh-high boots are coming back, I searched for high boots and found her a nice pair of Jessica Simpson Clancey Boots for the taking. For my dad? Only the coolest, latest, Samsung LCD TV at a discounted price. Become is great because it takes varying prices and varying companies to find you the best quality for the most reasonable sale.
And for me? My Christmas gift to myself is a ProForm Elliptical , I’m too lazy to even go to the gym – so I run on my new workout equipment while I shop online at Become. Fitness for less. The next Christmas for less.


  1. Online shopping is a way to go for me too since it's so snowy and icy outside..

  2. I love the convenience of online shopping. looks like a fun and easy way to comparison shop.


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