Find It Local

I am wondering how many people still use the local yellow pages? I am referring to the big-huge thick books. The one that rubs off black ink on your fingers, and it feels like a ton of bricks when you go to pick it up. I still have them for emergencies purposes, as a black-out in the neighborhood, or the internet connection is down.

I do all of my searches online, even local search. By now, you might as well imagine that I have a computer attached to me everywhere I go. It’s almost true. If you have an internet connection, it’s definitely easier to search online where you can access thousands of listings. Not only you can find listings, but you can also do research on the local restaurants, and car repair shops.
Believe me; a thorough research is important when you’re trying something new. Its one thing you might not like the flavoring of the food, but it’s another when it’s just plain bad food.

Before you disappoint yourself and waste your money on another bad restaurant, at least check the online searches. Read some of the review and see the ratings. It could lead you to your next favorite restaurant, or the next favorite place to hang-out.