Self Sagacity's Top Picked Memes for Bloggers

I am new to the blogging world and realized there are endless possibilities just yet to be discovered. One of the things I learned from Su-Ti [Short version translation: Kungfu version of a mentor] IcyBC is to participate in memes. It is one of the ways to bring out your creativity and such a great way to get to know other bloggers.

Aside from what IcyBC has taught me, I did some surfing and researching for memes. I found many, some are still live and kicking some are not as active and updated. My search criteria were memes that are light-heart, easy to participate and weekly. Secondly, I need to know that the host has made an effort on their blog to welcome new participants and posted directions that made sense. So I've rounded up a few that I've personally participated in for Self Sagacity and my family website Blessing Reflections and that fit all my criteria- which isn't tough. I also came to the conclusion that while there might be many good ones out there still to be found, but for new bloggers, the list below is a quick start which would save a lot of time digging around the internet.

Below are some memes by the order of the day of the week that you should check out.

Mosaic Monday: Mosaic

Mellow Yellow Monday: Yellow

Ruby Tuesday: Red

Thursday Sepia Scenes: Sepia

Wordless Wednesday: Speechless

Watery Wednesday: Water

Friday Sky Watch: Sky

Foodie Friday: Food

Saturday Pink: Pinkness

Today's Flowers: Sunday Flowers

Scenic Sunday: Scenes

Shadow Shot Sunday: Shadow photos

I appreciate all these hosts, who spent time and efforts in hosting these memes and visiting their participants. The world is a huge place and it is a joy to be able to find others with the same interests. Contrary to my previous sentence, the internet has made the world reachable for these groups of people to come together to share knowledge, experience, tastes and stories. I am happy to be able to take part in these wonderful groups.

This article is written based on my own experience and taste and not a paid review. The internet is a huge place, there are of what might be 20 million plus websites. I am sure there are intriguing memes yet to be discovered. So I will post this date as January 2010, and come back in six months or so to see what else I've learned. 


  1. Hi Amanda, thank you for stopping by my blog, I love when I make new blog friends! Will check out your other blog too. My daughter in law was born near San Jose, she has many relatives there she is quarter chinese and I should send her your blog, she would love the hot soup recipe! Have a great day!

  2. Very nice. Was looking for your flowers but enjoyed the read.

  3. Hello Amanda! I thank you for having the meme Today's Flowers on your list! But - I was also hoping for a post with flowers, since you have put your link on the site. That is the purpose with a meme. I really hope you will be back next week with a sweet little flower for all of us to see! :)

    Until then: I wish you a happy new year, and look forward to a little flower next Sunday. :)

  4. Wow! Tough cookies from Today's Flowers. I thought just posting about the memes was enough...So I learned something new today...Edited my post with a picture.

  5. Icy had taught me alot on the blogging aspect too, especially on monetizing, templates, adding my blog to facebook, etc etc all of those, I probably now forget :) she's really a great help.

    there's a lot to learn in blogging, i am glad you joined and you have one great blogging mentor.

  6. A lovely photo and a wonderful post. Blog memes are a nice way of finding like-minded folk and having some fun. Thanks so much for mentioning my little meme and thanks even more for joining in! It's one thing to host a meme, but it's the participants that make it special :)

  7. These are wonderful picked! I like doing these themes because they gave me some ideas what to look for..

  8. I enjoy memes too and feel you have compiled a great list! Many of my favorites are there plus a couple of new ones to check out.

  9. Welcome to blogging Amanda! I participate in some of the memes listed.
    I am new in blogging and I will celebrate one year on the 9th of this month.
    Blogging is a continuous learning experience.
    More power in 2010!

  10. Hi Amanda, thanks so much for sharing this lovely photo. I'm glad you are enjoying blogging, and you're right about the meme's. It's been a great way to meet new friends. I am so happy you have joined us in Today's Flowers and want to also wish you A Very Happy New Year.


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