Improvised Bun Cha Lua - Remembering Mom

Sometimes there's nothing more comforting and satisfying than a warm bowl of broth or soup to hug you.
This is my lazy, grab whatever I have and turn it into something that will make my tummy happy.

So it goes, grab some large noodles (bun bo hue noodles), some cha lua (Vietnamese pork sausage) from the best maker in California, some cilantro, soup base, and green onions - and that's what makes my tummy happy that day.

First, make your broth. I have been training myself to become a good broth maker. Inspired by my mother who makes the best soup broth on earth. I strive to replicate those hugs through the bowls of soup she made and saved for me. She/they warmed my heart and my soul on many nights when I felt the aches of a turbulent life.

She made different kinds of soups for me when I was holding a full-time job, running a business, and attending night classes. I would start driving home at 10:30 PM exhausted, but she insisted that I stop by to pick up the package of food she had prepared for me. Mom! Thinking back to those times, I see how unconditional your love is. You are tremendous. Mom!

She used to call me: "Don't forget to stop by to get your soup, ok?" Of course, the horrible daughter that I was, I used to dread it. Look, I am tired, I've worked all day, went to school, I just want to go home. But even when I've made her sad and disappointed by saying: "Mom, not today." She somehow won me over, got to my heart, and I stopped by - even when I absolutely did not want to.

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