Scrumptious Mushrooms in My Yard, but Poisonous

The cutest mushrooms I ever saw grew wild under our palm trees. They looked like button mushrooms, straw mushrooms, and shitake mushrooms that we normally bought in the grocery stores. They gleamed in the sun like that. The texture is soft and smooth. They were solid and fleshy not like any wild mushrooms I've ever seen before. They were so pretty. Unfortunately, they were poisonous.  huhu- wahhh. I just had to find out for myself. How could these perfect looking mushrooms be poisonous? How could they become poisonous in my own yard?

After researching online, I read that many people felt the same as I did.  People couldn't phantom where the poison came from. Does that mean if I grew anything in the same spot that the food will become poisonous too? I don't know the answer to that question. It looks to me like I had a mixture of three different types of mushrooms, and they were all deadly.

People ate them and ended up in the hospital. I don't want to spend time in the hospital or die for that matter yet. Even though I was warned, I put gloves on and called Trinity to come see. We picked them and washed them all. I noticed that they break quite easy and not as durable as the mushrooms we eat. Not sure if that meant anything, but below are the closest images and names of what I think these mushrooms look like.

Deadly mushrooms that will damage your kidney:

I thought we had button, shitake and straw mushrooms. The images below are the ones by our palm trees. Man, I was so tempted to eat them. 




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