Find Me a Cheap Flight To Cancun

It has been - I don't know how many years since Loren and I traveled together alone. We have date
nights, but to detach from the kids for a number of days has never happened...yet. We've been traveling with the kids and each of those last few vacations were adventurous. But hey, we are going to give it a try this year.

As for the place of choice, we've kicked around the idea of going to Cancun. A warm place with lots of sun and sand and warm water. I've been to Cancun with my GF about 15 years ago, and really liked how there were plenty of things to do and everything was close by.

I started searching online for vacations Cancun and was overwhelmed by the cost of a round trip flight. It's ridiculous how much it cost once you add hotel  and meals on top of that. Did I tell you that I was looking for an all inclusive vacation?

The recent search left me disappointed and overwhelmed by the many selections. Some friends have luck on Kayak.com, ACheapSeat.com, and Expedia.com and I've searched on all of those websites. I found another site called Bookit.com, but never really find that their prices stood out. I love the layout of the website, for me Bookit.com has a nice logical flow - but they are high in somethings and low in others. So it's frustrating when you are comparing prices. They do not stand out in the end.

So it was meant to be that we go on this vacation because Dustin forwarded a deal for Cancun, and we hopped on it right away. We were able to save about 600 - 800 hundred dollars for an all inclusive vacation for the two of us!

We are happy and can't wait until that day. It might just be weird without the kids, but we'll figure that out when the time comes. 

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  1. We went to Disney On Ice once, and it was fun..You guys will enjoy it!

  2. Yes. I am going through it for the third time. If you know what I mean. ;-)


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