3 Things Every Start-up Needs to Know About Cloud Computing

Data management is critical to the long-term success of fledgling companies. During those crucial early days, integrating your systems cohesively proves critical to long-term success. Cloud computing offers the best method for data management, but you’ll face a learning curve when working with it. Here are three things every startup needs to know about cloud computing in 2017.  

Think in Real-Time

Image via Flickr by incredibleguy Independent of your business, you quickly collate data across your computers. When a startup begins to populate its data systems, the growth process becomes exponential. As a byproduct of this immediate expansion, files grow outdated quickly. The downside of such rapid advances is simple. Someone using an old version of a document could make faulty decisions based on inaccurate information. When you fail to update your files in real time, an unknowing employee could cost you a great deal of money at the time when you can least afford it. That’s why cloud computing is so valuable. When someone makes a change on a networked film in the cloud, it updates instantly for all users.

Utilize Professional Expertise

When hiring new employees, you’ll learn that some are more comfortable with technology than others. Not everyone will have an innate understanding of cloud computing. The way to solve this problem is by outsourcing your cloud computing services. When you choose a professional service to take care of the privacy and security of your data, you gain a secondary benefit. No one understands cloud computing better than the professionals who work with it all day. They can share their wisdom about the process, providing a comfort level for your workers. You stand to benefit as well. While your startup suffers from inexperience, the cloud computer experts have dealt with dozens of similar businesses in the past. They’ll understand your needs and impediments, possibly even better than you do. You can leverage their knowledge to maximize your growth potential. The final benefit of hiring a professional service is that you gain cost control. An employee would require a salary plus a benefits package to do such tasks. A cloud computing company only charges a monthly fee. Since money is tightest in the earliest days of a startup, you’ll feel thankful to pay a set fee rather than the cost of another employee.

Guard Your Data

Data security has become one of the most important issues for startups. Any business that cannot stop outsiders from infiltrating will fail. That’s because a data breach will give hackers access to your financials, your trade secrets, and your customer base. The last of the three is the most important in a shocking way. When you suffer a breach, you must notify customers that you’ve failed to protect their privacy. You’ll suffer damage to your brand that could cost as much as $200,000. The way that you respond to a breach will determine the exact loss, but customers will struggle to trust you even if you’re proactive. It’s a significant hit to your company's reputation.   Harnessing the cloud proves critical to your startup’s success. As you plot the path of your company’s future, contemplate how to address the three concepts above to assure your sustainability.

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