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Let’s face it eBay is fantastic when it comes to finding extremely cheap bargains. And you can find just about anything on one website, from new shoes to new tires or furniture. There is just about everything you need and all you have to do is bid for them. 

But like everything in life, there are loop-holes in the system and there are ways to ensure the best deal is secured. 

Use Sniping Tools

If you are an eBay expert, you will have heard of this term. For those of you who haven’t auction before, there are sniping tools which are basically tools that would leave bids that exceed the current highest bid at the last possible minute. There are a few different ones to choose from but Goofbid seems to be the most popular one.

Local Collection Only

Don’t let these words put you off. There are so many cheap delivery websites and comparison websites you can use to get a good deal. One example for you to compare cheap delivery from is a website called Shiply.com. This website is eBay compatible and all you need to do is copy and paste the eBay item number and it downloads the delivery details for you. As an added bonus, the quotes are free. It doesn't cost you anything to get a delivery price for your item whether it is huge or small. If you find a boat, a car, or that particular couch you were looking for, now you will know how much it cost to get the item ship directly to you.  

Misspelt Listings

You would be surprised how many of them are on eBay. eBay sellers are only human after all and humans are prone to mistakes. So, this is your chance to benefit from those mistakes and find super cheap deals by searching out these listings with misspelled titles. You will also have less competition as they usually have fewer bids which means a lower price range.

Don’t Limit Yourself To eBay

If you find a bargain on eBay don’t presume that’s as cheap as it is going to get. Before you start bidding like crazy shop around. You never know sites like Amazon and Etsy may offer the same product at a lower price. So be smart and do your research. May take a little extra time but will save you money in the long run.

Start Off Small

If you are new to eBay and slightly nervous of spending and losing money, then it makes sense to start off small. Crawl before you walk. There are tons of cheap deal on eBay that are less than £5 so try it out cheaper purchases first and get comfortable with the site. Just remember of something looks too good to be true then it probably is.

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