6 Elements of A Foolproof Business Security Plan

Loss prevention is one of the most important parts of running a successful business, especially for companies that store numerous, high-value assets on-site. A comprehensive and well-designed security plan, however, will go far beyond preventing loss. Following are six measures that will collectively protect both workers and site visitors, limit acts of vandalism and theft, and create a safer and more comfortable environment overall.

Limited Access Points

Companies with much to protect should have a secure, well-defined perimeter with limited access points. This can be accomplished through the installation of a boundary fence, or the boundaries of the secured area could be represented by the building walls. In either case, there should only be a very limited number of ways to get into the building and doors that are marked solely as exits should automatically lock upon swinging shut. With fewer ways to get in, many ill-intentioned parties will recognize that stealing from your facility simply isn't worth the risk.

Visitor Check-Ins

With limited access points, it is additionally possible to have all site visitors sign in. This is something that can be handled by the receptionist or other front desk personnel. If you have a perimeter fence and a single access point at the exterior of the building, however, sign-ins should be handled by a licensed security guard. By having visitors check in, you'll be creating a record of all parties on the premises that includes their reasons for visiting, their on-site contacts and the time of sign-out. Some companies even require guests to wear bright-colored badges so that they can be easily identified.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras provide numerous benefits on commercial properties. When these are placed in highly visible areas both inside and outside of the building structure, they can be a strong deterrent against criminal activity. For employers, camera systems also provide reliable records of activities and events that can be used to support hiring and firing decisions. On-site cameras are especially beneficial when incidences of asset loss are believed to be inside jobs. The location, placement and size of these devices can be as conspicuous or as inconspicuous as business owners need them to be. Moreover, even if thefts do occur once business cameras are in place, these technologies can often play a major role in asset recovery. Local law enforcement agencies have a far higher likelihood of identifying, apprehending and convicting criminals when there are clear and irrefutable records of theft events.

Restricted Access To Receiving Areas

Asset loss is most prevalent in receiving areas, particularly within companies that receive massive shipments of products at one time. High-value goods are often left unattended for extended periods and usually before these goods have been entered into an inventory management system. If receiving areas are not properly secured, the assets held here could disappear without companies ever knowing that any losses have been sustained. Restricting access to receiving areas is essential and can be accomplished through the use of digital door locks that require pass-codes for entry. Your business can also use over-door pallet racking systems or secure pallet rack cages that make products less accessible until these have been scanned and integrated into the general inventory.

Floodlights In Parking Lots

Asset loss certainly isn't the only security concern that companies have. Loiterers that gather in parking lots or around the perimeter of your building can make both your guests and your employees feel unsafe. Keeping parking lots and all other areas at the property exterior brightly lit will deter unauthorized parties from congregating in these spaces. The installation of floodlights can also positively impact your profits if you're fully or partially reliant upon foot traffic to close deals. Consumers are prone to choosing companies that have clean, safe parking areas and few loiterers at the property exterior. Even if your products are high in quality and your prices are extremely low, you may see a significant dip in foot traffic if customers start to feel unsafe when negotiating your parking areas.

On-Site Guards

On-site guards may not be necessary at all hours of the night and day, but having one or two on site during high-traffic hours could be essential for rounding out your security plan, especially if your business attracts a lot of loiterers during the daytime hours. Guards can assist with check-ins at all access points, patrol grounds that are not fully covered by security cameras and mitigate problems with disgruntled employees or guests, before these have the opportunity to spiral out of control. Having a guard stationed in receiving areas during busy delivery times can also stop theft events that are initiated in-house.

A comprehensive security plan will help you protect your customers, employees and assets. With the right security measures, it may even be possible to deter criminals from stealing or vandalizing your property altogether. In this way, each element within your cumulative security plan can ultimately pay for itself in savings gleaned over time.

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