Bánh Da Lợn - Vietnamese steamed layer cake

Traditionally Bánh Da Lợn is green and yellow. Made with tapioca starch and mung bean for the yellow layer. The tapioca cakes are delicious, and can be eaten anytime. They are not made too sweet, but more as a light treat and snack. Even so, for me only small bites at a time as I can not take much more than that.

This is a simple recipe as the flour is already mixed and sold in a bag with directions - see below.
Follow the directions as you would when making Jello from the Jello directions. You can buy this mixture in the Asian market - but specifically Vietnamese market.

I wanted to try making them with the colors we like, instead of green we made blue, instead of yellow mung bean, we made almond. It was fun and a lot less work than making them with the mung bean.

After we made the little rectangular cakes, Trinity and I got a little
silly and decided to use color sugar gels to write our initials on them. They still taste great.

The ingredients are: tapioca starch, rice flour, mashed mung beans, taro, or coconut milk and/or water, and sugar.

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