The Good Wife Show's Good and Bad Alicia

 I am watching a show called the Good Wife. I guess like any show there are exceptional characters and then there are characters that we just don't know why the show even waste time and money with.
What I don't like about Alicia is how the directors/ writers keep sleazing her out to all the male characters at every chance they get.

I think the story should be more about how good she is no matter what happens and more about how she rises above all the obstacles in her life. I like the beginning of the show, but recently, I am not sure if it sticks to what it originally set out to be.
I wished the writers kept Alicia better than that. There are plenty of drama already with her job, her and her husband, her kids, her friends - she doesn't need to be thrown into sex scenes and men character so frequently. As a matter of fact - some of those relationships that Alicia had, they were sloppy and disgusting. The only pure aspect about her is how she deals with her x husband.  I am on season 7 and Alicia just hired a male investigator, I just hope the show will keep from sleazing her out with this guy. Every male character other than the regular standing falls in love with her- which is ridiculous.

My LOVE and HATE character list: 
I like Alicia's character, mostly everything - even the drinking is fine to show her stress and struggles, but the sleazing is what will discredit everything GOOD about the GOOD WIFE.

I love ELI GOLD character, I like how he is so witty, bright and he speaks his mind whenever. He has integrity. He is bold. I love how he can be so good at playing politics. He has a straight face, think big picture and play the game so well. He is also very good at telling Alicia and Peter off when he needs to. Uggh but season 7 Eli was fired from Peter's office.

I love Cary. He is real, and I like that he evolved over the seasons and becoming wiser.

I hate Kalinda character...at first I thought, what a kickass lady. But then all the other stuff happened with her and her lesbians, which is ok. But her character seems to lack any character at all...she sways whatever way...and that makes her character weak.

I hate Will. He is disruptive and weak. Like a lost puppy... A very bad character.

I love Peter. Yes he is a scum for cheating on Alicia, but for the time that he tried to get back with her, he was clean while she was not. At least, that was the show, I think that the fact he truly love Alicia was very touching.
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  1. It is a popular TV series but for some reasons, I just can't get into it. I will give it another try soon.


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