I'm Tired of Watching You Slave For Me!


Who would have thought that when SO said "I'm Tired of Watching You Slave For Me!" that it became a historic moment in our relationship? I felt truly loved. I must clarify that it was "one of those historical moments" and not the only one.
There are different ways we accept love and feel loved. Those words were electrifying enough to bring me back to my happy and harmonious zone. Life's rat race vanished and I felt like a noodle. Those same words and moment earned SO some "jet out of jail" passes for later days.

I needed to hear and know that SO is looking out for me, that he is not taking pleasure in watching me work so hard. That he actually doesn't take the work and care for granted. It was one of the most touching and heartfelt thing he could say to a person like me. A person like me defined > I am not typical. Like my mom, I endure far more for my love ones than my love ones would ever for me. I guess, it's a cross between being stupid and just pure self-indulgence. Self-indulgence because there is a great sense of pride and satisfaction I get when I feel like a hero, the one that saved the day, the provider or the protector.

SO knows, I would go out of my way, really out of my way to the point most would call stupidity  99% of the time to get the food I am craving for. And I treat my loved ones the same way, I find the opportunity to cook something special for them, even if they didn't ask for it. The problem is that something special isn't easy to wrap up quickly, and SO hates the kitchen. So that leaves me the solo chef. I would love if he sticks around to help out, master chefs need assistants you know?

When SO say "I'm Tired of Watching You Slave For Me!"  I know he really cares for me in the way I like to be cared for.
One time, I was talking to someone and he explained the way that men and women still have needs and wants very much like the ancient times.
"Men looks for their Princesses and women looks for the Princes." Read into it however you like, but the bottom line is at this age, I know my Prince is not going to be capable of everything, and I am not going to be eating bon-bons on a beach.

The bottom line is when he said: "I'm Tired of Watching You Slave For Me!" it actually puts him out of the guilt of feeling like I am always working so hard for him. From now on, if I wanted to eat well, it's my pain and my gain.

It's silly, but if you've read the psychology or  advises about love, it's like this:

"People can love each other, but it's a blessing and utmost satisfaction to be loved the way you want to be loved."

In the same respect, I've always loved SO and my family members in the way that I prefer to be loved. I would take the burden if I could. I would want to be the heroin that comes to the rescue, I would make myself uncomfortable if that's what it takes for them to be comfortable, defend them when they are being harassed...and that's the way I define love.

See - there is a different kind of love - there's the Amanda way, and there's the SO way - maybe his way is about letting me do what you I want to do, even if he doesn't like it, and even if it's going to kick me in the ass.

There is no right way or wrong way to love. It boils down to the way you want to be loved and if the way your partner loves you will electrify your heart and fits your definition of love.

I would love to know your thoughts on the subject, and noted that the circumstances varies.
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  1. Good personal insight. It's easy to love someone but it's hard to give the love that person needs. I am glad you met a guy that can "electrify" your senses, it's very rare. x-)

  2. Happy for you..Only the luckiest get the best life partner who understands you well. So enjoy your life. thesis writing service


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