Potatoes Bacon Bits Kraft Cheese Dollar Tree Recipe

I've mentioned about the only 99 Cents store that I know in San Jose a while back and how I'd found some incredible things there. At first I thought it was like another Dollar Tree, but it didn't take long to see that they are really different. One huge distinction is that the 99 cent store carries fresh produce. It's nice to know whether it's a bag of potatoes or a bunch of bananas, it's 99 cents.

I also found the items to be quite selective. They are odds and ends of brands. Unlike Dollar Tree where the items are meant to be cheap and made cheap specifically for Dollar Tree.

Aside from the olive oil I bought from Walmart. The following items were found at a 99 cents store. Potatoes, bacon bits, and Kraft Parmesan cheese can be put together into a meal.

1. chop the potatoes into 1-inch wedges
2. heat the olive oil in a pan
3. drop potatoes in the pan and cook until tender
4. sprinkle bacon bits sparingly on the potatoes
5. top with Parmesan cheese

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