Trinity in VietNamese Traditional Ao-Dai

Time has flown by. Trinity turned eight three weeks ago. It seemed like yesterday when I kissed her cheeks and felt them bounced back because they were so fluffy. Her cheeks are still fun and fluffy to kiss, but I can tell that her baby fat is slowly going away.

I asked that she pose for me so that I can get a decent photo of her in the Vietnamese traditional dress. It is so hard because she is always goofing off. The only saver is that she loves to wear the Ao-dai outfits and started wearing the Vietnamese Ao-dai since she was two years-old. She enjoys them and is proud to wear them.
After this outfit, we don't have another saved up. I believe this one was from my brother's daughter, in Texas.

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  1. She is beautiful and that light pink color suits her so well! Miss you guys!

  2. It's real Viet! Ao dai makes vietnamese women more beautiful.


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