Surviving a Summer at Home with Less Energy Usage

Surviving a Summer at Home with Less Energy Usage

The kids are out of school, running around the home and consuming more household energy than normal. Although you could turn off the television and video games while sending the kids outside to play, there are other ways to reduce energy use during the hot summer months. Whether you have Palmco energy or another provider, saving energy is as simple as changing a few habits.

Use an Old-Fashioned Clothesline

Your entire family can go through clothes, swimsuits and towels very quickly during the summer. To save on laundry costs, consider the old-fashioned clothesline. Laundry dryers must run for an hour or more just to dry one load. String up the clothesline and ask everyone to pitch in by pinning the items up. You'll save energy while creating a family gathering with bonding opportunities.

Add Fans Throughout the Home

Open up the windows and add fans throughout the home to keep air moving. Stagnant air creates warm conditions, tempting you to turn on the air conditioner. Fans create comfortable conditions across your skin while pulling cool and fragrant breezes in from the outside. There's no need to close up the home and air condition it when natural cooling processes can be brought indoors.

Hand Wash the Dishes

Your dishwasher can use a lot of energy when it's ran once or twice a day. Reduce your energy and water waste use by hand washing dishes. Everyone can take turns washing the dishes throughout the summer. If the household is full of people, dishes can quickly add up in quantity. Any saved energy can be redirected to other summer pursuits, such as plugged-in party lights to create an indoor club atmosphere.

Camp Out

Even the nighttime can be hot during the summer, so shut off all energy use indoors and head outside. Pitch a tent and spend the night outside. The only energy you might use is battery power for flashlights and other items. If you camp out several times during the summer, you'll see a difference in your energy bill by month end.

Consistent maintenance of your household appliances is crucial during summer too. You may have to turn on the air conditioning at times, so make its operation as efficient as possible with professional maintenance calls. Even make an appointment for the furnace too. Fall and winter will be here soon, allowing you to save energy whether it's hot or cold outside.
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  1. I love these suggestions and use most.
    I just need my clothing line outside now.

  2. Some good general advice. I've lived without air conditioning most of my life (and only one of those summers was in an area with a beautiful and cool summer), and I can handle 100+ degree days if I have to.

  3. You did a great job of explaining this topic. I am really glad I don't have to rely on air conditioning to heat or cool my home. Obviously, part of this can be attributed to our mild, Mediterranean climate, but the building helps too -- it just feels cool in the summer, which is great.

  4. Don't underestimate how much heat small appliances add to your home. Also incandescent bulbs put out a lot of heat. Ovens put out a great deal of heat, so use your oven wisely.

  5. Great post. There are many things you can do - if you can't go without the a/c at night figure out how warm you can keep the house. Try using fans,if you don't have a ceiling fan try a box fan.

  6. I live in the desert in southern ca. I tell my wife that I expect a big bill I just want to make it through the summer.

  7. This is a very important concept - saving energy is something important to everyone.

  8. Excellent post, its a real eye opener!


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