Hotdogs with Spaghetti Noodle Hair

I had to give the hotdogs and spaghetti noodles a try. The idea sounded easy to execute and smart to offer starch with the meat so that it can be a filling meal. I was excited to make these, since it didn't seem to take too much work and clean up. Hot dogs are also one of the kids' favorite meals, other than cheese pizza and ice cream.

So I went right to it, and here are the steps that I took:

  • To make eight pieces I took two hotdogs and cut them into fours.
  • Took four spaghetti sticks, broke them in half, then start pushing the spaghetti sticks into the hotdog pieces. 
  • Start a pot of water and bring to a boil, place all the hotdogs with spaghetti sticks into the pot and boil until the noodles are soft. 

The outcome was good, except the spaghetti parts that were trapped inside the hotdog did not cook well. I have not figure out how to make those pieces cook like the way the rest of the noodles did, but that is definitely a glitch there.

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  1. LOL, even though this looks pretty good, I think it would be way too much work to complete. I would just toss the hot dogs right in the noodles and call it good :)


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