5 Mother's Day Gifts Crafts & Ideas

Shells and Sea Lantern

What a great idea. I have so many shells and sea stuff lieing around the house and wanted ideas in how to display them. I was so excited when I found this craft on Joanne Fabric website.

Joanne Fabrics and Crafts

A Little Green Garden 

Whether she's a master gardener or just has a penchant for pretty bouquets, these garden-inspired gifts will delight any botanically minded mom. Mom will want to bring the growing inside with this oblong vase, which is just the right size for creating her own terrarium.

Martha Stewart

Strawberry Sundae-Soda Bath Salt

Each glass goblet is filled with 1/2 cup of vanilla scented moisturizing beads. The beads are wrapped in a clear cello bag.

What's in the Sundae Soda Bath Salt Glass? 

  • Handmade strawberry shortcake scented tea light
  • Bath sponge (white or pink) as the "whip cream" 
  • Strawberry heart shaped bath oil bead as the "cherry" on top
  • A spoon and straw to finish the look
  • Tag with "Sundae Bath" poem. 

  • Artist/ Author: http://www.etsy.com/listing/46693573/strawberry-ice-cream-soda-sundae-bath

    A Gardener's Tool Can

    Create a Gardener’s Gift from Dollar Tree. Total cost around $10.00 with a large can and Dollar Tree All items in the can (minus the seedling) were purchased Dollar Tree What a great gift idea for the gardener in your life.


    Cook for Mom the Ham & Egg Crepe

    It's a special day, therefore mom deserve a special way of eating breakfast. Sure the regular ham and egg are fine and it is the heart that counts. But if you want it to be just a bit more special to show you've put time and effort into preparing her breakfast. How about making a crepe to go with it? Here are the ingredients to make this crepe.

    Martha Stewart

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    1. Nice ideas. Simple, useful and can't be return! :d

    2. What great ideas. I am going to have to remember these for next year!


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