Strategic Health and Safety Risk Management

Owning a business, running a business, and working as an employee carries risk as part of the job. Thankfully, both the law and a desire on the part of business owners to minimize expenses causes businesses to take steps that protect employees and minimize risk associated with any type of employment.

Employers are eager to minimize the risk because risk leads to monetary loss and loss of time. When an accident takes place at work, employers have to dedicate resources not only to deal with the issue at hand, but also to implement strategies that prevent these issues from reoccurring. For this reason, employers look for qualified consultants who help them examine potential risk before they happen and help them to create strategies to avoid said risk. There are many companies out there that specialize in helping businesses minimize or reduce their risk and exposure and attain legal compliance that is in harmony with any legislation that applies to their business.

Companies like Lighthouse services in leeds for example understand the importance of strategic health and safety risk management. Businesses of this sort will work with customers to create a safer, happier, healthier, and more efficient workforce. They will help businesses identify ways that they can reduce the amount of money they spend on things like insurance premiums, legal fees, and other expenses associated with risk management.

Businesses that have learned how to successfully minimize their risk are attractive to investors and to customers. People like doing business with companies that have very low risk exposure.

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  1. Good introduction to risk management. great !

  2. Thank you. I am new to running a business and this really gave me a good foundation for the Risk Management Process and what could be risks that I never thought of.

  3. Simple and relevant. Thank you for the advice.

  4. Your article is excellent. I have been examinating out some of your posts and i can state pretty nice stuff. I look forward your next article. Its a great post.

  5. I found this informative and useful! I am self employed in a very dangerous profession, working heights on existing buildings and new construction sites. Unfortunately not every development takes safety as seriously as they should.

  6. Risk management is something that many people may associate with business and financial institutions. Yet, assessing risk is a task that everyone undertakes at some point.

  7. As your business gets larger, I think risk management is one thing that you should check into.


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