Prevent Accidents with Crane Mats

Crane mats are vital to safety anytime lifting equipment is used on soft ground or in unstable conditions. These timber crane mats prevent accidents by ensuring the surface under a crane or heavy machine can handle the equipment’s weight—safeguarding against instability and unsafe operation. Crane mats are also known as heavy equipment mats, construction mats or timber mats, and the best crane mats are made of premium oak timbers.

Which mats are best?

Using high-quality timbers allows crane mats to meet the necessary engineering requirements for safe operation while being recoverable for reuse. Quality timber mats should be compression resistant in order to work properly under the heaviest equipment in tough conditions. Exposed bolts, chains and cables are some of the lifting options good crane mats will offer, and a variety of sizes to fit individual conditions is also important. Why buy high-quality mats?

Quality Mat Company has been an industry leader in crane mats since 1974. Each of their ground protection crane mats are made with steel rods on 4-foot centers. The quality of the nuts on each mat relies on a rigorous manufacturing process where every nut is impact-wrench tightened and countersunk, as well as cut off and bradded. Construction mats form the base for safe lifting operations worldwide. Choosing Quality Mat for the task at hand is essential for keeping workers out of harms way and jobs on schedule.
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  1. Great. By using the strongest materials and controlling the entire process, you are assured of the highest quality, best-built mat available.

  2. This is helpful for everyone. Thank you. This is a new knowledge.

  3. Good, thank you for showing these for the benefit of the community.

  4. High-quality mats is a solution that will be beneficial and safety in practices.

  5. I agree with you for a safe, and productive workplace.

  6. Interesting. Crane and Access mats provide economical means to site access and project efficiency while providing a safe environment for your workers.

  7. Very good point. I have seen these in use when highrise power line poles where being installed through a swampy area near where I live.


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