Meatballs that Kids Will Eat at Parties

Kids are the pickiest eaters at parties. That's because they are more interested in playing and not so much in eating. When we have parties for Trinity's friends, I am always searching on the internet for new fun food to entice the children.

I remember that the meatballs from my GF's Birthday party did really well with the kids, so I had to try some as well.

The meatballs were a big hit, and it was so easy. They are the kiddie size that I got from Trader Joe's. I season it a bit and just warmed it up in the oven. Took it out and serve. It was the easiest appetizer to prepare.

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  1. My kids will eat meatballs too. Such an easy heat and serve meal!

  2. My mom always made me Meatballs. It's the best dish in the world.

  3. Oh my kids love that dish too, it’s delicious, I forgot about them, thanks for the reminder.

  4. I love miso soup, and incorporating them with ramen sounds good:) Homemade is always, without a doubt, the best choice for food and it’s healthy with a big YUM!:D


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