Best Tool Boxes & Storage for Organizers

If you want to buy a toolbox, there is a huge selection to choose from. When you start shopping around, you will find toolboxes that are specifically designed for mechanics, carpenters and the average person who just wants a good place to keep his tools organized and protected. Toolboxes vary widely in price, so it is a good idea to know exactly what your storage needs are before you go shopping. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money on a toolbox that has more space than you need. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal toolbox.

1. Upright roll-around toolbox

These toolboxes have wheels that allow them to be easily rolled around a garage or workshop. The drawers in these toolboxes are typically larger than the ones you will find on most models. They also include a top box that is specially designed for the storage of small tools like screwdrivers and socket wrenches. These are handy because they can be rolled next to the project the person is working on, preventing them from walking back and forth to the toolbox. Ranger makes a nice selection of these toolboxes.

2. Stationary toolboxes

There are some varieties of stationary toolboxes that come with wheels attached on the bottom. However, these toolboxes are primarily designed to stay in one place. The wheels are only designed to be used to put the toolbox into place and to keep the tools suspended and out of the reach of standing water or any other fluids that could be on the ground. Cleaning under the toolbox can also be done because of the wheels.

3. Rolling toolbox and workbench combo

This style includes a toolbox on wheels that has a flat surface that a person can utilize as a workbench. These are ideal for contractors who will often need to do their work in different locations where workbenches are not available. The actual workbench surface is usually constructed of either composite material or wood. However, metal and plastic surfaces can also be found.

4. Truck toolboxes

People who constantly need to transport their tools from one location to another should invest in one of these toolboxes. They are usually made from steel and are connected to the bed of a pickup truck. They contain lockable lids and are bolted into place, preventing them from sliding around while the truck is in motion.
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  1. I've been looking for a quality toolbox for some time now. I still have this old junk of a toolbox that has seen its last days I'm sure. I prefer upright/roll around toolboxes because they're easier to move around, and can store much more.

  2. I need a good quality tool box for my art, and I believe either of these will work fine. I like the ones that have wheels, just because I move around my house a lot and would need to move my tools with me at times.

  3. Perfect timing as I am in need of a new toolbox. I'm trying to build a nice little workshop and I want a few toolboxes, one for my workshop that stays and one that I can take with me. The rolling toolbox sounds great for my workshop and the truck toolbox sounds good enough for on the go and such.

  4. I would love to gift the husband a really good toolbox.

  5. Well I now know what to get my husband for his upcoming birthday. He's been bugging about a new toolbox lately as his older one isn't doing so well and is falling apart. I figure, get him one of these and be done with his complaining, lol. Anyways, thanks for sharing!


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