Best GarlicPress Mincer Reviews

How many people use garlic in their recipes? If you don't now, you need to try because garlic is good for you. And for those that love garlic in your food, stay tune to learn more about the best little gadget you'll need to invest in for your kitchens.

I bought three of the top rated garlic mincer. I tried them with firm and soft garlic, and nuts.
The results are quite a bit different. And my choice lies in this round presser with the wheels on the bottom. It isn't perfect either, but I care most about about how the garlic comes out. The other user friendly stuff doesn't mean anything if your garlic is mushed and not minced.
Let me know if you have questions.

 Makes big cuts and sometimes mush the garlic.

Makes big cuts and garlic isn't as minced as it should be.

Makes great size minced garlic, but sometimes mush garlic and wasting food. 

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  1. I smashed my with a knife and dice it, less work and less dishes to do.


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