Sushi Making Class Bon-Appetit Sponsored

I get so excited when we are able to do cool things like learn how to make sushi at work! What better things to do for your employees than to teach them ways to feed themselves? As a matter of fact, cooking classes are along the lines with why an employee goes to work. In general - people go to work to earn a living so that they can use the earnings to feed themselves and their families.

sushi-instructorThe sushi making class is really cool to do for the employees. Here is a link to the article on Bon Appetit:
 Pictured here is one of our instructors for the class. The whole experience was very just incredible. The set-up and preparation was extremely professional and very organized. Bon Appetit thought it out to the very tiniest details. All the food for each student, and even left overs for us to take home for dinner.

It was amazing! I wish I could host a class like this at home for our family and friends.

Here is a link to the article on Bon Appetit: http://www.bamco.com/blog/sapsushi/





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  1. What a really cool experience! I don't eat sushi, but my husband and his sister are so fond of it, I am sure they would have jumped at the chance to take the class!

  2. This is one class that I would love to take one day!!


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