North and Central VietNam - Ha Noi, Hue

These photos are just a few from our trip to VN in 2006. There are so many more that I would love to share. The memories are still so vibrant and real. Somehow it seemed to be one of the destinations that will be hard to get back.
My two sons and my mom on a Ha Long Bay cruise. This was one of the best tours that we took. When we got to Ha Noi, it was so hot, that's what we get for going in July. But when you have kids - it's about their schedules. Anyways, it was certainly a saving to be out in the ocean for that cool breeze. We needed it.

This middle mosaic is the central Viet Nam, called Hue and the Emperor City. It is amazing how they have been able to preserve it.

The bottom left is Emperor Nguyen's palace.
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  1. Wow, I bet that was an amazing trip. The guy who does my nails is Vietnamese, so he talks to me a lot about what it was like growing up there.


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