How to Marinate Prawns for Grilling

grilled shrimps
Super Large Grilled Prawns anyone?
If you're a seafood lover, or know someone that loves seafood you will appreciate this post. Don't these shrimps look yummy? I am drooling right now looking at them.

I try to show you the size of these super large shrimps with a fork, chopstick, and even my index finger. These shrimps are super huge but  sweet and full of taste.

Usually the tiger shrimps are very tough, but not these guys. How the shrimps will look and taste depends a lot on how you marinate them. Here is how I did it:

How to Marinate Large Tiger Prawns for Grilling Ingredients:

1- One box of large tiger prawns
2- 1/2 a lime (2 tbs) squeeze on the prawns
3 - Sprinkle some salt (1/2 tsp)
4-  Sprinkle some pepper (1/4 tsp)
5 - 2 tbs of olive oil

One of my learned tips in cooking is to apply first the dry ingredients, then, add your wet ingredients last. In this case, sprinkle your salt, pepper on the shrimp, then squeeze the line juice on the shrimps, and lastly coat the shrimps with olive oil or mix the shrimps in the oil evenly.

Between the acid in the lime and the olive oil, these two ingredients should keep the shrimp moist even on the grill. Good luck and let me know how your Super Large Shrimps turn out.

large raw shrimps in a box chopstick comparison

large grilled prawns

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  1. Mmm! They do look so tasty! I do like some seafood, but don't feel confident enough in my culinary skills to make it at home myself. We usually stick to treating ourselves to a restaurant when we fancy some seafood.


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