Blue Potpourri Decorated Vase

I am not sure why, but the past couple of years, I had been obsessed with the sea blues. So whatever I could find that I might be able to turn into this shade - I did.
These images show a stool that I've painted a shade of sea blue and a vase created of  blue potpourri. Now, you have to know finding this blue potpourri is not easy, but so lucky for me I found it at a Ross store!
I think what had drawn me to the bag of potpourri is the white flower that was included. I think the combo is perfect for my painted oak built-in desk area that I'd painted last year.

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  1. I love shades of blue too. I painted the majority of my house that color lol. Glad you found potpourri to fill in your vase that was the shade you like!


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