7 Ways to Market Your Online Business

If you’re a small business owner, you know that sales slumps are unavoidable. Luckily, there are a few marketing tactics you can use to keeps sales up even when they’re lower than normal.

1. Create a reason for people to visit your store today. Exclusive online events, limited edition items, flash sales, and coupons with a nearby expiration date will encourage people to shop today instead of waiting. A lot of your messaging should convey a sense of urgency, even if an item isn't really “almost sold out” or if you already know you’ll extend a sale through the weekend.

2. Make sure it’s easy for people to checkout. If necessary, upgrade your ecommerce shopping cart software. If people are confused about how to complete their order, they’ll end up abandoning their shopping carts and not following through on the purchase.

3. Your business is one area of your life where you do want to sweat the small stuff. Details matter - everything from your logo font to your followup “thank you” e-mail after someone makes a purchase plays a role in how consumers view your brand.

4. Never stop improving your marketing strategies. There are always new ways to reach consumers and new tips for using social media. Keep on top of the trends or hire a pro who can handle this for you - either way, it’s a necessity.

5. Just because you have an online business that can serve people anywhere in the world, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't tap into your own area, too. Your local community will probably be supportive and the word of mouth will be excellent - stay invested in your business’ hometown while still reaching people on the other side of the world.

6. Encourage people to support your business for a variety of reasons, and not only because you’re a small business. What do you have that people will truly benefit from?

7. Connect with shoppers off-line. Attend events, send handwritten holiday cards, setup pop-up shops... Old school marketing methods still work today! Get the word out with social media, but then actually meet your audience face to face.

For the most part, consumers don’t really need what it is you’re selling. Most retailers aren’t selling necessities. This is why how you sell is so important. You have to convince consumers that they need - or at least really want - your product.
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  1. Thanks for the tips. Running a business can be hard at times, and I still have a lot to learn, this article helps quite a bit. I personally love it when I can learn more and master my business. Anyways, I have some ideas now because of you guys, and I must say thanks. And have a good day! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated. I just started a new site, and I've been looking for the proper way of doing things, and this helps me out quite a bit. Anyways, I'm going to follow every tip to its full glory. So thank you for the tips. Have a good day!

  3. A friend of mind had a site where he sold custom things he made, and they had a hard time figuring out how to work with his cart. It didn't make sense and it messed up orders. Anyways, I tried to help him out, but he didn't want to try anything different. Anyways, I run a small business now too and every time, I make sure to thank people for their order. It really helps.

  4. A lot of great ways to market an online business. One thing I love doing with my online business, is getting it out there to my local area. I like people knowing in my area, because it's exciting seeing people I know, buying from my site. Really cool stuff!

  5. Online giveaways/contests are a great way of getting people to view a business. I've had much success utilizing such things, because people love to enter contests. Plus, this way I can get people to sign up to my newsletter and get them to check the site out even more. I also make sure to have every payment option available, from credit, debit, paypal, Amazon payments and so on. I try to get every thing done to make it easy for people to purchase items from me. :)


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