Is He Sissier or Effeminate Than You?

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Maybe I am too much of a manly girl. I could be the extreme of chauvinistic in my feminine ways. I believe a man should be a man. I have very manly images and thoughts of what a man should be like and perhaps those images or perceptions are much too manly than any man I have known.
I tend to go for men who are nice, kind, and sweet. Men who are clean-cut and well dressed. These men look good in beginning of the relationship and they maintain themselves well throughout the relationship. But then when the relationship matures, the maintenance become a little more than necessary for me. Hence, they ended up being more sissier than me.

I, on the other hand become less concern about my appearances and what I wear than the men in my relationships. Once I told my boyfriend: "you're much sissier than I." What started out as a funny remark, turned into one of those, maybe we should evaluate this a bit more kind of deal. He replied: "Any man would be more sissier than you."

Hum-mm. Now I must say, I certainly don't like to be with men who look like cavemen, but well, I am beginning to think that I might just be more confident in the way I look. I like to think that clothes don't make me prettier than I can be, but the truth is it does. Nice looking clothes, clothes that fit well certainly would give your appearance a boost, don't you think?

When I am getting ready, it is usually 15 minutes, unless I am getting ready for a party. My guys would take at least an hour. I see myself as being very feminine, I like long hair, I like wearing makeup, I like jewelry. Although, I don't spend the same amount of time to all the events I attend.

What is my point here? I guess I am wondering if it is okay that I do not like mates with these characteristics? Or is it me that is expecting too much? I remember once I dated a guy who really really cared about how he looked, all the time. He likes a lot of the things, like the decorations in his house that women likes.

Therefore, I have to say I have not found what I am searching for. It is that moment when you realize things are not right, and you don't know how to deal with it to go on. When I find myself in the deepest and darkest moments of my relationship with this man, I think the difference can't no longer be united.

Effeminate definition: (of a man or boy) having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy.

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  1. My hubby isn't really femm... but he's not really manly either. He's right in the middle. I think whatever works for you is just right.. no real level to whats right or not :) Whatever makes you happy!

    1. I think that is true that sometimes man or woman, it really doesn't matter, as long as the chemistry fits between two people and it works, that's what matters.

  2. My husband was the type to dress up all fancy, especially back in high school he would dress up in a way that people would call him feminine, which is fine with me. He was never the feminine type though. He watches football, listens to obscure music and goes out sometimes with his friends to drink at bars and such. He also had a crazy hair style too, and not many men would have tried it back then.

    1. Interesting, I have a nephew that likes to dress well- he has investments in the clothes and accessories he buys, but by no means is he totally a feminist. Interesting.

  3. My boyfriend isn't much of a feminine person, and I prefer him that way. I think it's too ingrained in our minds than men should look a certain way. It's just how the world has made people out to be. It's not a bad thing that men become more feminine at times, but I prefer a man to be a man, a man who has a beard and is strong. Not a man with makeup, hair styled and so on. To each their own of course, but a man to me is a man who isn't feminine. It's okay to be a little, I like sensitivity, and when a man shows emotion, but anything more is just not my thing.

    1. Yup, there is that fine line. When a man becomes a bit too obsessed in his looks and his appearance you have to wonder.


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