4 Practical Reasons to Use Time Clock Software

time clock software
As humanity steadily marches through the digital age, many aspects of business practices have been modified for improvements. Of these functions, time clock software is capable of providing many efficient bonuses that can reduce costs and improve overall productivity. How can this piece of software impact the business dynamic in such a way? 

Decrease Payroll Costs 

Using digital time card software can put information immediately in the hands of those you hire to do payroll. In fact, some forms of these systems are able to calculate taxes and paid leave based on the employees working schedule. This reduces the time the payroll department spends getting paychecks ready. Instead of taking time to calculate each employee's hours and other information, the software can do it all automatically. 

Cloud-based Time Keeping 

Using hosted services on the Internet, your payroll department can access pertinent information from a wide variety of locations. This can keep those employees more efficient with time usage as jobs can be done remotely. It can also provide a layer of protection should your establishment be located in an area that experiences frequent natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods or tornadoes. 

Paying for Time Worked 

One of the most important aspects to time keeping software is the capacity to pay employees exactly for the time worked. Instead of rounding time back in order to squeeze out as many minutes as possible, employees could be paid for precise time measurements from start to finish. A few minutes may not seem like a lot until you calculate the number of employees you have that round time sheets throughout the year. The business could be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. 

No Extra Computer Systems 

As most time card systems can be installed on virtually any computer console, you can create a platform where employees clock in and out directly from their own workstations. These pieces of software can also be used as a human resource portal providing staff with their important professional information. 

If you're still utilizing an old-fashioned punch clock for your employees, then you're neglecting an important function that can save the organization money. The digital age shouldn't be feared or resented. It should be utilized and incorporated into the business. Order now to help your business maintaining a greater level of sustainability. You may be wasting more money with traditional timekeeping systems than you realize.
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  1. Time clock software is always better because it's faster and a lot more reliable. The business I work for uses time clock software because it's just easier to deal with and a lot easier to handle times for payroll.

  2. The place I work for just started using timeclock payroll style software and payments to the workers are a lot faster and more on time. And since my boss doesn't have to pay some outside party or hire someone to be a payroll admin, the business saves even more money. Of course that means a payroll admin is out of a job, but times change and people need to adapt to said changes.

  3. Hiring a payroll admin is more money. I know people hate the idea of losing their job to robots or computers, but today things have changed. time clock software makes it a lot easier to work with, it's cheaper, and at times much more reliable. yes there are mistakes I'm sure, but in reality most mistakes come from an actual person. Also, the employees get paid the right amount every week, month and year.

  4. I'm so glad my work recently added in a time clock software. It's so much easier and much more practical to utilize. I know someone is out of a job because of that, but I understand times change. New things grow and change the work environment, and people have to change with the times sadly.

    Time clock software rocks. I remember this business still using time cards and it just felt weird and I felt old. But these days I don't deal with that anymore. I sign in on my PC and when I leave I just have to remember to sign off. Easy.

  5. Time clock software makes working so much easier. Especially calculating overtime hours. The old fashioned way took way too long. My weekly check came in a little late, and sometimes I wouldn't get it right away on the day I was supposed to get paid on. Now with time clock software, I get paid on the day and hour I am supposed to and it's all put into my bank account. Works out awesomely.


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