Make Fridge Magnets from Used Gift Cards

The age of gift cards makes gift giving so much easier, but once you've used up the gift cards, do you just toss them out?

I feel so guilty tossing them when the images are so pretty. Like the green shoe, the cup from Starbucks, or the burger from Red Robins. After cleaning out my junk drawer and saw the magnets words we had, a brilliant idea came to me. I decided to make use of the magnets and the gift cards to create refrigerator magnets.

I figure the project would be easy enough to do with my daughter and it would be so much fun to see out handy work on the refrigerator.

Materials to make Fridge Magnets from Used Gift Cards
Used gift cards with pretty images
Tacky Glue / or hot glue
Little magnets

Cut around the shapes.
Put glue on the back.
Place the magnets with the magnetic side up on the glue.
Let dry for at least 8 hours. If you use hot glue, the dry time will be significantly less.

Use these wonderful new fridge magnets to remind mom to buy more burger, to hold up reminders, or art work from school.

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  1. What a fun idea! I have recycled other things in past years turning them into refrigerator magnets, but not gift cards. This makes an easy DIY project for young kids and what fun! :D

    1. I am glad you think so, it is a fun project and so easy to do with kids.

  2. That's a pretty nifty idea to make magnets. I actually used to get these stickers for checking into movies and tv shows, and so I'd make magnets out of those, but I never gave gift cards a try like that before. Funny thing is, I have a lot of used gift cards lying around in a drawer.

    1. There you go! It is a good way to make use of thing that will be thrown away any ways. Give it a try, it's easy peasy


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