How to Make Cake Pops Without Fondant

A quick and easy cake pops without fondant idea for any occasion. No mess, just simple and fun to do.

Have you ever look at kids' treats, especially cupcakes and cake pops? Do you just cringe at all the sugar and dies on top of the cup cakes? I do.

Don't get me wrong, I love what the cake pops and fondants can do. The great fun shapes and colors they offer. But when it comes down to eating them, I cannot allow my daughter to eat all that sugar.

Well, when I saw this Funfetti cake mix, a light bulb came on. This would be my answer to making cake pops more fun and attractive for the kids without all the sugar, or fondant.

Cake pops are easy and fast to make when you have the molding. So go online and order one, they are inexpensive but comes in handy.
Mix-up the dough from the instructions on the box. And pour the batter into the cake pop moldings.

During the bake, some of the dough might come through the hole due to over-flow. No worries, just take a knife and slice along the top before you take the top cover off.

See. the results are still perfectly round.

Remove them from the molds and put the pop sticks in them one-by-one. That's it! You don't have to do much to these cute cake pops. It's soft, not messy and easy to travel as well.

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  1. They are so cute, and I agree with you. I cringe at the thought of all that unnecessary sugar and, yes dyes!!

    1. I am funny about sugar, I don't know why it is necessary to have so much on such a wonderful treat, like a thick layer of frosting. :>)

  2. They look really pretty too! I have never had a cake pop, but did eye the molds at Target today. I may still go back for them since they were 1/2 price!

    1. I know when I see all these cute baking stuff, I really want to try doing them. I like the roundness of these cake pops.


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