How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

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It all started after the trip to see mom. The whole time I was there, she addressed me as “fat.” I thought I was fatter than I used to be weighing  115 lbs, but no way was I fat. Let’s put it this way, I wasn’t fit and slim like I used to be. Honestly, I just wished that I could lose the 10 lbs that I’ve worked forever to lose. The scale only move up, it was really discouraging!

But today, I am sharing how I made it work for me.

1) Eat or drink at breakfast.

You heard this all the time, but you don’t know why, or what it means. Here is a simple explanation: you need to train your body to understand that it is okay to digest the food and turn the food into energy, if you don't eat, your body thinks it is going into starvation mode and therefore have to preserve the food to keep you full, which turns into fat.

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2) Food intake rule #2 is to eat often.

Now ---watch this. Eating often doesn't mean you can go and stuff all the junk food you fancy down your tummy. Eating often includes vegetables, fruits, nuts - no pre- packaged food, which usually means preservatives. Eat often, but eat healthy. Your body will realize that it doesn't have to preserve the fat to keep you going, but instead it will raises the metabolism to burn the food consumed and turn them into energy.

3) Exercise every other day, if not everyday.

For most of us, it is a dream to think we can squeeze any time out of our mad rush days for fitness. But here is a tip, and you must do it religiously. Every time you go somewhere, drop the kids off, go to the store, or drive in to work, conscientiously park further. You get the picture, you must train yourself to think differently do not fight for the closest parking space.

4) Limit the partying.

Aren’t you glad this post come out around now? This is to remind that do not get sloppy during the holidays. Eat enough to feel satisfied, but do not over indulge because it tastes so good.  i know I do when it's food I love, and naturally, people tend to over indulge at parties.

5) Plan your weeks and weekends in advance.

It’s more work, but all worth while. The reason for that is if you have a program for yourself, it is easier to accomplish. If you're planning in advance think of ways to fit in walks, exercise, play tennis, go swimming, etc.If you don't plan your time, it will be sucked-up by other things.

6) Results are important

Discouraged after so many tries. I decided to focus on making sure I adhere to my goal. I wrote down what I ate everyday. I also recorded the calories when possible. I kept this journal in the kitchen. When I got hungry, I look at the journal and see what I've eaten so far and decide if I could have that cookie, or I should go for apples instead. Because of this routine, I was able to keep my eating to a minimum, and this was the way I obtained my results quickly. Seeing the results, I was very excited and encouraged.

7) Go cold-turkey.

You've heard what people said about quitting smoking. It must be this way for the food or drinks that you know is the big contributor of your fat intake. For me it was the condense milk in my expresso every morning, and the Coke in the afternoon. After I quit these two items for two weeks, I saw great results, the scale finally moved down...and this is when I was encouraged to b better to myself.

8) Give yourself a wake-up call.

Clean -out your closet, and put the skinny clothes in a pile. When you pick out all the clothes that you can't fit anymore, you will realized that you have got to do something. It's a wake-up call.
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  1. My weight loss went very well. And I'm so happy I followed a routine I could handle. Losing weight isn't easy and eating healthy isn't easy either. I had a hard time because I usually like to eat a lot of junk food, but these days I've cut that nonsense out. Oh and I workout using P90 and I love it.

    1. Me too- like to est junk food. I have the whole series if p90 workout. But what I found to work much better is the Shawntee Abs- it's fun, energetic.


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