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Create Yummy Food Fruit Christmas Trees

I couldn't wait to share these wonderful ideas for making your own Fruit / Food Christmas Trees. Let your imagine go, you can probably use just about any type of fruits and vegetables - just as long as you and or your family like to eat them.

Impress your friends and family with an editable fruit tree created with a simple apple, siskabob stick, tooth picks and carrot. Before seeing these photos, I thought, ugh, complicated, but now that you see here how it can start, I think you will be able to make your own, and even create others to share.

I know I will be making one of these for my family this holiday. What about you?

Look at these amazing shapes and colors from the display below: cucumber tree, a cheese tree, a lime tree, a grapefruit tree, a lemon tree.

Here are the steps for the cucumber tree. I think I can manage this one, and so can you!

Here is an appetizer Christmas tree that i've always wanted to make. Come to find out, all you have to do is layout the food and no need for plugging, or hanging. Just lay out your cheese cubes, tomatoes, some rosemary and voila! You got an amazing platter of appetizers.

these ideas were found on www.goodshomedesign.com
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  1. Those are all so creative and fun for the holidays! I may have to make one for a party :)

    1. With the holidays coming, I wouldn't mind making one for a potluck!

  2. Oh wow I love this idea! The strawberries make it look even yummier! I like the red and green fruit together, makes it more Christmassy :D x
    Maria's Adventures

    1. Yes. I like all the colors, they are awesome. I would like to make a fruit tree this year too.

  3. Well this looks like a fun time. I could probably get my grandkids to have some fun by doing this, we'll see. I've never done this sort of thing, but it looks really interesting, so I may as well give it a shot. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sure. I love to make good food and watch people eat it. I think it is do rewarding to see how food can make people so happy.

  4. with the holidays coming up i wouldn't mind making one to go on our table especially if we have friends over for food. thanks for the inspiration.
    stopping by from simply Ria


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