Air Brushing Makeup For Your Next Event

Air Brushing Makeup
Airbrushing is all the rage with twenty-first century makeup artists. It is extremely popular in the acting, modeling and wedding industries for a good reason. Airbrush makeup creates the beautiful, flawless skin that all women want.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Historically, women applied makeup with a sponge, brush or their fingertips. Today, many use airbrush systems to spray foundation onto their skin. This fine mist of makeup makes the skin look and feel flawless.

Airbrushing actually dots the face so the skin glows through it. Unlike traditional foundation, it is never thick or heavy. The makeup lies on top of the skin, filling the flaws instead of accentuating them. This provides a natural look with excellent coverage.

Airbrush makeup is water-based, and women with sensitive skin appreciate its non-toxic, hypoallergenic qualities. It is also more sanitary than cream or powder foundation. Makeup applicators and sponges can attract germs.

How Does the Makeup Look and Feel?

Airbrushing lets the skin breathe and provides a natural look that women love. While it is often used on the face, women can also use it on their arms, shoulders and chest. This keeps the skin evenly matched from face to fingertips.

Airbrush makeup stands up to sweat, tears, hugs and kisses, and it lasts until it is washed off the face or body. Brides like it because it will last throughout their wedding day. Even cheek-to-cheek dancing will not rub this makeup off.

A Revolutionary Makeup Technique

While airbrush makeup is most popular among makeup artists, anyone can use it for fresh and flawless skin. TEMPTU is an example of a company that sells student kits, bridal kits and other systems. The revolutionary technique offers better control than sponges and brushes, and the results last longer.

Because airbrushing holds up in humid conditions, salon professionals recommend it for brides and other active women. The film and theater industries have used it for more than a decade, and it is popular with news anchors, politicians and celebrities. It is also a natural way to cover scars, bruises, birthmarks, blemishes, burns, tattoos and certain skin conditions.

image credit: http://temptu.com/pro/shop/airbrush-systems
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  1. I always wanted to know how flawless skin feels and look like. This is one way of getting it. Spray all my imperfections away!

    1. I like that it look so light and smooth. It is almost like baby's skin, I wouldn't mind getting a session either. wow.

  2. I know a lot of guys who would be into doing this as well, myself not included, but I know this could work out for so many rockers out there who like to do face paint for their acts. Plus this could be good for those who have sensitive skin, so that's a plus as well.

  3. Oh wow this is so cool. I heard about airbrushing makeup, but I never thought it was going to get popular. I'm glad it is though because that looks so cool and I could imagine myself utilizing it from now on. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Seems like a completely safe alternative to all of those makeups with chemicals in them. Plus, I really love how it's able to keep the true shine of ones face and make it come through the makeup, to make it even more appealing. It's almost like it's art.

  5. I didn't even know they made airbrush makeup, that's so cool! I now have some pretty rad ideas for my next Halloween costume, maybe a female Joker? Sounds cool to me. Anyways, I am going to have to try this soon, because safer is always better.

  6. Goodness this is so cool. It really does bring the skin out in a way too, never thought I'd see something like that with makeup ever. I wonder if they'll make makeup tools like this to where people don't need to apply old style makeup anymore.


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