The Giving Meyer Lemon Tree at My House

I was going to do a wordless post, but I can't. I can't not say something about these lemons or about the lemon tree because every time I look at them memories come about. And really our Meyer Lemon Tree deserve a real post on Self Sagacity.

For the first few years of living at our house. We didn't use the lemons, and didn't  even look at this tree. I can't remember how much later before we started using the lemons on a regular basis. But I do recall how it started, it was one of those emergencies, I didn't have limes on hand, so I settled for these lemons. I think it was then that I discovered how wonderful they were because they were so juicy and soft. 

After that they started appearing in our kitchen much more often, and we started giving them to friends and families. Since then, this Meyer Lemon tree has grown, and produced many lemons. There are always fruit on this tree, and whether green or yellow, the juice is very good. Sometimes there have been so many lemons that we would have to ask people to take them, or take them to people. That's what you are seeing here, a boxful of lemons that I brought to my workplace.

But recently, something has changed. I've seen less fruit and less blossoms on the tree. I am not sure if it's due to the recent change in this area. My neighbor had to cut down the tree next to it because it got out of hand. I hope this is a temporary situation and that the Meyer Lemon Tree will be back to its normal self.

Below are some dishes on SS that I've used these lemons for:

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  1. They look so amazing and delicious! And think we have to pay to have lemons here :)

    1. Just plant a tree, they are pretty easy to grow, as long as you can tend to them from the start.

  2. This makes good chanh muoi. It's so nice to have fruit trees right on your property. The "chanh muoi" is a Vietnamese drink that is salty and sweet; good cold or hot. Yum!

    1. Yes. I will have to try and make some one day!


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