Reuse Empty Card Boxes to Store Homemade Treats

I guess I am a lot more creative than see myself. I recalled someone saying that I reminded him of Martha Stewart in terms of reuse creativity. The thought of me being creative on reuse items never really crossed my mind. If anything, I felt almost helpless when browsing in Michael's crafts stores, because most of the time I felt so overwhelmed. But you will see in the next few posts, that I can be super creative reusing things I have on hand.

For one, this post is about reusing an empty box of Thank You cards to store the sweet treats that I just baked for a gift. I had made 7 layered candy bars and wanted to give some to my favorite service guy. I didn't have anything on hand to put them in and wanted to wrap it up somehow. So I thought and thought, and recalled the card boxes being the perfect size for 1/2 a dozen pieces.  I started stacking them in the one box and kept going until I ended with a nice bow on top of the box.


The first one came out so good, and looked so nice, I decided to make another box of 7 layered candy bars for a gift to someone else. The amazing thing is that the box turned out to be the right height and the right width. And even though you can see that the candy pieces were stored in the once box of Thank You cards  people still couldn't believe that I had made the 7 layered candy nuggets myself. Gees! I guess it was a compliment in a way. :-)

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  1. That is a brilliant use for re purposing those old boxes. I am going to have to remember this around the holidays!

    1. Thanks Theresa! Having these boxes was a time saver! It also gets the gifts out the door faster. Rather than waiting for stocking up on more empty boxes and jars. :d

  2. That's a good idea and the white ribbons suit those packages well. I like empty boxes of Japanese-style confectionery. Those are made from Japanese papers. I put stamps or envelopes or writing papers or so in it.
    Have a nice day!

  3. I love it! I actually never thought of using the card boxes with the clear plastic lids in this way. Now I will be on the look out for them.

  4. You are very creative!
    I like this idea!

  5. I have made the same with some bought cookies. They were not home made but bought from the shopping mall, The problem was the ugly box, and at the same day they have a total sale of pasta which had a nice and elegant black box ( I have no idea why). I just switched boxes. :d

  6. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. A box is not important but the content, still - if it is wrapped up nicely , the overall effect will be much better.


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