How Do You Shop for a Woman's Briefcase?

I am the worst shopper, in the sense that I don’t do so well during idle times, and I am not the type who likes to browse and dodder in stores. Having said that, occasionally I do ponder about shopping for a leather attached case for women. The updated cases are just so much smarter in design and placement.

There are so many choices and colors. I was so close to clicking the buy button on a brown leather case, but the practical side of me kicked-in and decided that the black leather color will be much easier to match with most business outfits that a woman has.

To be honest, this is my weakest area of shopping. It takes me years to find a great pair of shoes, and months to settle on a new purse. Perhaps this is the wrong way to approach shopping, but when looking for accessories, I try to find styles and colors that match with the things I already have. While it was easier to buy on the spur of the moment when I was younger, I've gotten to the point that buying anything takes weeks and months, unless they are earrings, now that I can make quick decision in seconds.

It sounds drastic doesn't it? Hopefully you don’t have a hard time buying accessories like me.

What deciding factors come into play for you when picking “the one"?

What should I look for when I am looking to buy accessories like a computer case?
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  1. I am the same way! It take me months to decide on buying anything..

    For me, light weight, color, have organize pockets inside, compact and look are the decide factors..

  2. haha, I am so much like you, it takes me months too or years to buy anything, because if I don't find a need for it, I won't buy :) and if I have a need, I very carefully research for "the one"

  3. I like to stick with a good brand of leather cases like Coach. They are more pricey, but the leather is quality and they have a really good return, warranty policy. I took one back that the shoulder strap was wearing out on which is normal for any bag and since the strap wasn't removable, they gave me a new bag. I won't get a briefcase anywhere else because of that!

  4. A good briefcase for your laptop will be one that offers protection against dropping or bashing your case into something. I have seen many new cases with padded computer sleeves that keep laptops safe and secure while traveling.

  5. I try to find something simple, with less extra 'pockets' because I tend to 'lose' things and they are then miraculously 'found' in my bag. My present briefcase ( bag) is very ugly, but it is functional. I also don't use leather or artificial leather (vinyl) but modern materials like the sturdy polyester in Samsonite briefcases. I like those the best. Also, it doesn't need to be a Samsonite. I am not the brand addict.

  6. You couldn't make better choice, leather briefcases are by far the most quality ones. The worst kind of briefcase is an aluminium one. If you are not a crime scene investigator just forget it, or just wear an astronaut suit that goes well with that briefcase.


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