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Best Fabric Pillow Art Design Etsy Shops

I might be biased, but I should be because I love the people that run these Fabric Pillow Art Design Etsy Shops. They are so talented, and they never ceased to amaze me with new design and and creative pieces. Today I am featuring four of the most awesome art shops and decorative shops that I've used to decorate the interior of my and my clients' homes. 1) Icy's Mixed Media Art, 2) Precious Sewing Box, 3) Fabric 2 Designs, 4) Fab Sew Fab

Tons of Inspiration with Personalized Art

Icy's Mixed Media Art: Do you want to personalized your iPhone, laptop covers? Or maybe you need a special piece of stretched framed art to complete your room decoration. Then you should take a look at some of the most amazing photo art from Icy's Mixed Media Art Gallery. There are many to choose from and many to admire. The endless, borderless creative pieces will have you amazed.

Awesome Etsy Shops 

Precious Sewing Box: This store is where you can find the most beautiful designs for your decor.  I bought a couple of my couch pillows here and love the designs. If I had a decor business, I could go crazy here. The store also carries some children's' favorite characters such as Micky, and Mini Mouse, Hello Kitty, Tinker-bell, SpongeBob and Disney Princesses, and many more.

Fabric 2 Designs: This store sells mostly pillow cases. What I really like about this shop are the basic colors and designs. Sometimes you need that one solid color item to stand out from your deco. This place is well, they can custom design for you anyways. 

Fab Sew Fab: For those who are looking for fabulous fabric for your next project. Look no further. There are all kinds of fabric, and patterns. Create interesting new outfits with the fabric of your choice. Check-out Fab Sew Fab's patterns and fabric for inspiration and ideas.  

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  1. I love the designs. Anything with bold colors I like.

    1. I have a hard time choosing between all the great patterns. Each have their own uniqueness.

  2. I also love the designs. I am going to keep the fabric shop in mind for my next project. I can't always find what I need here locally!

    1. That's great. I guess I buy online sometimes because I am too lazy to drive out around. 8-)

  3. New subscriber from Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.

    Those fabrics are eye-popping. I LOVE them!

    1. They can be quite decorative. The media art is awesome for personalizing too.

  4. I love the modern prints! I wonder if that shop has Jonathan Adler. Time to check it out


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