What clothes are you most comfortable in? Thursday Two Questions Meme #125

cargo pants
Are jeans comfortable for you? What about dress clothes?
I can wear just about any type of clothing when I am not in the house, but as soon as I get home, I can’t wait to change into my sweats or house lounging clothes. The funny thing is that the clothes won't bug me until I am actually in my house. Then, fast as I could between the door and the stairs, I am like Wonder Woman, in a flash I changed into my house lounging attire.

 Some would say that jeans are comfortable /lounging clothes. I don’t have jeans that are comfortable enough to lounge in, do you? Jeans with stretchy material are more comfortable, but they are are not comfortable to the point that I can work in them. They need to be easy to bend in and flex in. It could just mean that I need to update the style of jeans I have, or lose some weight. Are there such loose fitting jeans that are similar to sweats?

Even dress clothes bother me. I feel most productive when my clothes are not in the way of cooking and, or cleaning. SO likes to wear the men cargo pants when he is working around the house, because they are so comfortable. He can use the pockets to put his tools in and have them handy. Cargo pants are also nice enough that he can run out to Home Depot, or go out in public without shocking anyone.
Speaking of it, I think I'm going to look into some cargo pants for myself, goodness knows I need as many pockets as I can get with all the multitasking that I do around the house. And it looks nice enough that I might not have to be embarrassed to be seen in public.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions Meme #125
1) Do you have comfortable clothes that you like to wear outside the house?
2) What do you like to wear when you are at home?

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  1. When I am home I immediately change into my loose fitting clothes which usually means sweat bottoms and tops. I have to be comfortable.

    I do wear jeans and I have found some loose fitting ones that wear well. I however don't wear jeans in the house. I do wear them out unless I go somewhere where jeans are not appropriate. I like pockets too and if I am wearing an outfit without pockets, I feel naked :)

    1. I see. I need pockets too, for my cell phone, but I don't normally buy because of pockets. I am really lazy about shopping.

  2. I am not all that comfortable in most of my jeans. They are stiff, and snug. I prefer sweats for comfort or khakis. I also love flannels and leisure pants. When I worked retail, I noted an alarming amount of shoppers coming in in pajamas. I would be mortified to be in public dressed like that but don't mind being out and about in sweats or cargo pants! Cargo pockets are awesome for working around the house, but aren't allowed on my job.

  3. I normally wear jeans or pants out so there are pockets for the keys and handphone. At home it's t-shirts and shorts :)

  4. Ten or eleven months of the year I wear shorts inside and outside. My favorites are a couple of pair of cargo pant shorts. In cooler weather I wear blue jeans. My favorite brand is Levi. Then a golf shirt, not tucked in for either. I do have a couple of jackets, a couple of sweaters, and two heavy coats if and when the weather gets cold.

    I used to wear flip flop all over the place, starting way back to when I was a teen. But no I don't as one foot is a candidate for rebuilding and I want to save it so as to not need really bad to rebuild it. The foot dr. wants to do it now.

  5. I love wearing jeans and wear them when I go out and most of the time when I'm at home. I change into lounge type sweats in the evenings and sometimes on the weekend. I do have a pair or two of cargo pants that I wear sometimes.

  6. I have jeans that are very comfortable to be in. Since I don't work outside the home, the majority of my clothing fits for going out or to stay in. Haven't find a sweat pant that fits me well yet..

  7. When I run errands, I find wearing jeans comfortable. This wasn't always the case,though. The stretchier jeans which have been around for several years has transition that old stiff cotton material into something a more flexible fit allowing more less binding. I always read the clothing label on jeans before I buy, if they don't have at spandex then I won't make the purchase.

    Around the house, my go-to-clothing is sweats for the winter and shorts in the summer. It's all about complete comfort!

    Great questions today & thanks for hosting T2Q!

  8. I love cargo pants, and I have a few summer ones, and yes their pockets :-) As for winter, jeans is my go to clothing as it cuts the cold much better than others!

  9. I am most comfortable in yoga pants and pj bottoms when I am in the house. Outside of the home I am most comfortable in jeans. I do like to wear dress pants on occasion though!

  10. Amanda, I can't figure out what happened to my link that I was certain I left yesterday. When I found out that no one had visited me I came back to recheck. hmmm...

  11. My comfort clothes are my favorite pair of ripped jeans and one of my man's tshirts!

  12. I have to agree with you. Jeans are just not comfortable to lounge in.
    I do have comfortable clothes I like to wear outside the house, but I have to mix it up a bit and sometimes Jeans win.
    And when I'm home I like to wear (in winter) my robe with big pants and sweaters. In summer. Just a top.
    Regular...just a regular pants and top that's soft and just easy.

    Like you when I come home, I want out of those jeans and shoes and bra :)

  13. Newest follower here! I found you though the blog hop! Cute blog, I can't wait to read more. You can visit me at meandmr.com

    -Melanie @ meandmr.com


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