Zebu, Still Love Your Fur! Thursday Two Questions Meme #121

I am not sure what is it about this Zebu that has me so fascinated! His tag is 0009 - triple zero nine. Going through my photos, I saw him, and I couldn't resist. I am still in love with his fur! The thick creamy color of his coat. The different textures on his body are too pretty to pass-up. The horns are incredible, I wouldn't mind decorating them on my decor unit. So one more time, I like to bring your attention to one of the most beautiful creatures that god took a lot of time to make. 
Not many subject has been able to make two appearances on SelfSagacity.com :-). Yet, this is the first animal to have made a comeback for the second post. See larger photos of the Zebu here: http://www.selfsagacity.com/2011/05/zebu-love-at-first-sight-triple-zero-9.html

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions Meme #121
1) Are you familiar with the Zebu?
2) What animal or creature are you most fascinated about?

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  1. Amanda, I am ashamed to say I am not familiar with him. Looking at your photos, though, he is very special. I like your idea of decorating the horns and he seems so peaceful and just warm :)

    I LOVE birds so I'd have to say that I am most fascinated by ducks and owls. In fact, I think I may want to be a duck in my next life :)

  2. He is so cool, almost mythical and majestic. His curls make me think of the lion in the wizard of oz - kingly. lol

    I loved my little dog more than any animal ever - not because of his mystique, but his huge heart.

  3. Oh i am not familiar with it, haven't even read it before. I am so fascinated with the civet cat because it makes a cup of coffee very famous!

  4. I am not familiar with Zebu, but he looks fascinating indeed.

    I like all critters, and I think they are all very unique, but if I have to choose one, I have to say butterfly/skippers.

  5. I haven't heard/seen a zebu before. IT does look like a sheep. I'm not really into animals.

  6. Hi Amanda~~You can buy some zebu cattle at the Munch Farm [ http://www.drzoolittle.net/zebu.html ]. I would rather raise angus (I once did that for FFA in high 4H--in high school I raised pigs) or pigs.

    But they are very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This animal looks like a bighorn sheep, except it has more fur. I have not heard of the Zebu. I looked it up. The images & description I got fit nothing like the pretty creature image you have up, though. I kept getting ox-like animals. Oh well, that doesn't matter. Your Zebu looks so soft and it's horns are not as harsh as some types of horned animals. I bet it would be really intersting to touch its fur. Have you ever pet one?

    I'm not sure, if any animals holds my attention or curiousity as you seem to be with the Zebu. I may find a passing amusement in an animal, but not enough to really research it or anything. I'll just think how interesting that is.

    Thanks for hosting another week of T2Q!

  8. I admit, I had no idea what it was. He does look like an animal we saw in Ohio at their African Safari drive through though.

    I am fascinated by all of God's creatures. There is beauty in each and every one of them.

  9. The Zebu, by name, is new to me, but by photo, I am sure I have seen him before and can see why you are enamored!

    Actually, I love animals and many of them capture my heart... but of course cats of all shapes and sizes steal my heart! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I'm not at all familiar with the Zebu, but it does say sheep to me.

    I love dogs. They are so happy and make such good companions and are very loyal :)


  11. Hi Amanda! I just discovered that my comment system put your comment in the spam folder. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I'm approving it now and I enjoyed these photos of your favorite Zebu. I did not know their name before. I'm one of your GFC and Twitter followers. You asked me where my Twitter and FB follow buttons were on my blog. They are at the top of the page just under my header. You can check it out at http://1camera1mom.blogspot.com


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